Snowy & slippery called for morning commute

PHILADELPHIA - November 26, 2012

As of Monday night the roadways were clear, but many hitting the roads in the a.m. are worried about what's coming.

"The way people drive, it's crazy. When it's slick, they still want to drive fast. You really need to slow down when it's slick outside," Audrey Steele of Norristown said.

It's been a day of preparation as PennDOT crews worked to get ready for a wintry mix of snow and rain.

Drivers from the city to the suburbs say they'll be exercising caution.

Ray Bunn of Norristown says he's not that worried, in fact he's ready for a little of the white stuff.

"I would like to see a big winter. I think we're due. We had kind of a mild winter last year. I like the snow," Bunn said.

PennDOT says all eyes will be on the dozens of cameras inside its traffic management center allowing the agency to stay on top of the five county area.

Its fleet which doubles to 400 trucks during weather events will be on standby, ready to respond.

"It is coming at an inconvenient time, it's morning rush hour, a lot of traffic is going to be out there. We want to ensure that we're out there during the traffic and prior to the traffic," Nick Martino of PennDOT said.

Even at the mention of snow, you typically see people heading to stores and buying supplies at places like the Home Depot in Lansdale, Montgomery County.

Action News didn't find that mad rush to buy up supplies, but we still spotted a few people getting a few last minute items.

"I've got the same shovels, I feel like over the years you accumulate the tools. I've got those already," Sonny Bains of Perkasie, Pa. said.

PennDOT says the prep work done today will go a long way in the morning.

Officials say this won't be a major snow event, but they can't stress enough that those roads in the morning could be quite slippery.

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