Health professionals are gearing up for an early flu season

December 5, 2012

The country is gearing up for the earliest flu season in a decade, and it maybe one of the worst.

In North Carolina, 10 to 20 cases a day are coming in to urgent care centers, and there have been at least two flu-related deaths.

Doctors are encouraging everyone to get a flu shot, and to catch up on your flu knowledge.

Kids are the biggest carriers, and the flu is not spread just through sneezing. The virus can stay on surfaces, and is easily spread that way. That is why doctors say washing your hands often is so important.

"The temperature of the water doesn't matter so much. It is just that rinsing motion, and getting the soap and rinsing it off that really gets the virus off your hands," says Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Dennis Cunningham.

And just a reminder, you cannot catch the flu from a flu shot.

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