Great holiday gifts for the health-conscious

PHILADELPHIA - December 16, 2012

Her first pick is the ePulse 2 for about $90. It's a strapless, continuous heart monitor with extra features.

"It will track your heart rate, keep you in that target heart zone, track your steps and tells you how many calories you burn," said Anderson.

Her next pick is the Aquajogger. It's great for anyone looking for a low impact workout.

It costs about $45 and comes with a DVD to help get you started.

As a stocking stuffer, Anderson recommends Nufoot.

"They are skid resistant, germ resistant and waterproof," she said.

At less than $10, Anderson says they're great for the pool, a public shower or to just to wear around.

The Trainer Mat is good for beginners and has your workout printed right on top. It costs $29.99. Plus there are mats for different body parts.

For $39.99 – the popular Spri Foam Roller which works for the more advanced athlete.

"If you are a runner, get shin splints, back pain, all the exercises on there guide you on how to relieve the tension on those muscles," said Anderson.

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