DA: Chesco women helped accused killers in jailbreak plot

WEST CHESTER, Pa. - December 4, 2012

Sara Lombardo and Jameela Rozier were arrested Monday in Pocopson Township, Chester County.

Only Action News was there as they were arraigned Tuesday in Kennett Square.

Prosecutors say the women were plotting with prisoners Saleem Williams and Shamek Hynson to help Williams and Hyson break out of Chester County Prison.

The alleged prison break called for the women to smuggle in various tools and a gun.

Hynson is already serving life in prison for a murder during his days as leader of a notorious Lancaster County drug gang.

He was in Chester County now to be tried for a revenge murder that took place several years ago in Coatesville. It is a death penalty case.

Williams was scheduled to stand trial this week for a murder in Phoenixville last year.

Police say the alleged escape attempt was to start at the isolated room where approved visitors come to talk via telephone to the maximum security inmates who are behind bulletproof glass.

The D.A. says the women experimented with several varieties of pressure tools to try to shatter the glass including center punches and hammers.

Before they could try anything, searches of packages helped prison guards uncover the plot.

"If they actually would have got into the prison and started implementing this escape, this would have been a bloodbath," Hogan said.

All four are facing multiple charges in connection to the alleged scheme.

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