Philly schools to receive $2.5M from Gates Foundation

PHILADELPHIA - December 5, 2012

Philadelphia; Boston; Denver; New Orleans; New York; Hartford, Conn.; and Spring Branch, Texas, are recipients of the grants announced Wednesday.

The cities are among 16 that signed a collaboration compact designed to reduce tension between district and charter schools. The agreement entails sharing resources and best practices.

By signing the compact, each city received $100,000 and became eligible for further funding.

Over the next few years, Hartford will receive the most funding with nearly $5 million and Denver with about $4 million. The other cities will receive between $2.1 million and $3.7 million each - Philadelphia's cut being $2.5 million.

A statement released Wednesday by The Philadelphia School District detailed the three key areas the grant will support:


  • The creation of the Urban Leadership Academy, a principal pipeline development program which will assist 40-50 aspiring principals to obtain administrator certification annually;
  • The expansion of the "Train the Trainer" Teacher Effectiveness Program of Mastery Charter Schools' program to develop teachers in District, charter, private and Archdiocese schools; and
  • The construction of benchmark assessments aligned to national Common Core State Standards in math and English language arts.
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    Funds will go toward projects including universal enrollment systems and joint professional development for charter and district teachers.


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