Love triangle behind pizza man's death?

FELTONVILLE - December 7, 2012

Luis Andro, 45, was struck Wednesday night outside Wyoming Pizza, where he worked, at the corner of Wyoming and Whitaker in the Feltonville section of Philadelphia.

Investigators say he had loaded multiple boxes into his car when he was hit by a speeding car.

Police continued working to analyze surveillance video on Friday that shows a dark-colored car, believed to be a Lincoln, crossing the intersection and swerving directly into Andro.

He was knocked more than 50 feet in the air from where he was struck. The driver of the car then sped away.

"It looks intentional. 100% intentional," said his brother, Chris.

Andro's family told Action News on Friday that a possible love triangle could have something to do with his death.

"He just felt like people were following him, and there was a car across the street, a black vehicle with tinted windows. So, I'm thinking there was something about that. Someone was out to get him," said Chris Andro.

"He was telling his friends he was being stalked by a black car, then this happens. If you watch the video over and over again it looks intentional," said his sister, Sophia. "He was going right for him."

Andro's organs were removed for transplant on Friday and doctors at Temple University were to then take him off life support.

Friends who live near the pizza shop have told the Andro family they had witnessed his fear of occupants of a black sedan that kept parking across from the pizza shop. Those friends did not want their identities revealed.

"He said 'Someone's watching me. Someone's over there, in a car, in a black-tinted car, and they're watching me,'" said one friend.

"I heard him say 'Oh my God, they're after me. Oh my God, they're after me. He was scared," said another friend.

There have been no arrests in this case as the investigation continues.

Anyone with information about the accident is asked to contact Philadelphia Police at 215-686-TIPS (8477), via text message at PPDTIP (773847) or through

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