Local fans react to death of Jenni Rivera

NORRISTOWN, Pa. - December 10, 2012

People living in the thriving Mexican-American community in Norristown, Pa. were stunned by the news, who remembered her as a superstar on the brink of taking her talents to the next level.

"It's a loss, it's a loss, yes. Everybody's feeling what the Rivera family is feeling. She was an amazing singer, and it's a loss for everybody," said Jose Melendez.

Selling more than 20 million albums worldwide, Jenni Rivera was best known for her music. But, the 43-year-old performer was also a reality show star as the featured member of cable TV's "I Love Jenni" show.

She also recently signed a deal with ABC to headline her own comedy series entitled "Jenni."

Now, millions of her adoring fans just cannot believe that she is gone.

"We are so surprised and shocked by the news. I feel like I knew Jenni Rivera. It almost felt like she was family," said Maria Reyes.

Rivera fan Anna Garcia says, "I was just telling people I work with how this happened just as her career was really starting to take off. She was a real treasure. What a sin, what a terrible sin."

A Mexican aviation official says it will take at least 10 days to have a preliminary report on the plane crash that killed Rivera.

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