Flounder at fashion fittings? Meet Me-Ality!

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. - December 12, 2012

What Karen Trifiletti does know is that with all of the rogue retail sizing out there, she's ended up with four different sizes in her closet. If her story sounds like yours, meet Me-Ality - a size-matching station that promises to find your perfect fit in about 10 seconds.

"It measures about 2,000 parts of your body to give you an accurate sizing of what sizes you would be in stores inside the mall."

You simply step into a booth with your arms out, then down with your wrists curled."

"The wand is going to go around you twice. That wand contains 196 small antennas that send and receive low power radio signals," according to Brunden Long of Me-Ality. "It's extremely safe; safer than using your cell phone."

Your measurements are tallied, and within minutes your custom cheat sheet is ready.

Karen was thrilled she finally cracked the complicated sizing code.

"You can eliminate a lot of time a lot of trying on. You know exactly what size you are going to fit in," Karen told Action News.

For the holidays, Me-Ality makes for the perfect Santa's helper.

So you can then say "'Honey, just in case you were thinking of getting me clothes, here's what size I wear in every store of the King of Prussia mall.'"

It's a plus for the customers and the retailers because it's going to cut down on returns too.

Steve Bono tried it on for size. He says he loves that all of the personalized photo picks are broken down by item, store, and pricing which will help save both time and money.

In addition to the Me-Ality location in the King of Prussia Mall, there is also one at the Christiana Mall in Delaware. You can learn more about Me-ality by following this link.

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