Triple-12 a lucky date for some, birthday for others

NEW CASTLE, Del. - December 12, 2012

It is the last time many of us will see this kind of calendar phenomenon for more than 88 years, but there are four new babies who may have a shot at seeing the next one.

It is the tale of not one, not two, but four babies, all with something in common, being born on the 12th day in the 12th month of 2012.

"I look at her and she's special to me and so it just makes sense that she was born on a special date too," said new mom Kate Whitney.

For new parents Kate and Rich Whitney from Springfield, they planned to have their Ava Grace on 12/12/12 at Lankenau Medical Center.

But dad almost missed it!

"We had been sitting there for hours just waiting, waiting and waiting, and I just said do you mind if I go grab a soft pretzel from the cafeteria. And soon as I came back the nurse came running out and she was like the baby is about to born you better run in," said Rich.

He made it, and so did Rick McCulley who was all about his wife Amy having their second child, Landon, on this day at Pennsylvania Hospital in Center City.

"Landon was born on 12/12/12 at 12:24; 12 minutes past 12:12 a.m. in room 12, and my mom's birthday is on December 12th today," said Rick McCulley. "That's going to be my Powerball number."

A lucky baby who's lucky mother was in labor for 16 hours.

"I was like, okay maybe this is going to be a cool birthday, but I was not looking forward to being in labor that long," said Amy McCulley.

At Cooper University Hospital, Nicole Lanctot and Kelly Hines both from Burlington County, New Jersey didn't know each other before but their babies, Jacob and Aubrey. They both have a neat story and birth date to share.

"She came into the world butt first and very fast so it was very exciting," said Kelly Hines.

For the Lanctots who had Jacob in the noon hour, their due date was always 12/12/12 and just like all the babies born on this day, they say their son came right on time.

"I said that would never happen. I would never go that long. For sure I will go early. I hope I go early. But he had other plans," said Nicole Lanctot.

So what do you get these babies born on such a special day for Christmas? All these new parents have a good 12 days to figure it out.

If December 12, 2012 is really a lucky day, then Steven and Scott Krauss are two of the luckiest kids in the world.

Steven and Scott Krauss are twins from Franklin Township, New Jersey, and today is their 12th birthday.

That's right... they turned 12 on 12/12/12.

But the youngsters say they don't feel lucky. In fact Steven says the number 12 is starting to get on his nerves.

"Most of the things you see in stores, they sell in 12 packs, so it's kind of creepy," said Steven.

So maybe the Krauss twins are not believers, but there are still plenty of loving couples who are.

The proof could be found at the New Castle County Government Building where dozens of couples arrived to exchange vows Wednesday morning.

"On a typical wedding day in New Castle County, we do 12 to 15 ceremonies," said Ken Boldin, Clerk of the Peace. "Today we have 41 on the schedule."

That is more than they had on Valentine's Day, and most of the newlyweds in Delaware say they certainly believe that getting married on this day will bring luck and longevity to their marriage.

Among the few exceptions was Yuhan Yu, who says tying the knot on 12/12/12 will do nothing more than keep him out of trouble with his wife over the years to come.

"It's very easy to remember, and I will remember this date forever," he said.

The other exceptions were Michel and Arlene Arenas who simply enjoy a good party.

"It's going to be anniversary, Christmas and New Year's Eve, so it is going to be a busy month," said Michel.

The next time the digits match up on our calendar will be January 21, 2101, which is 88 years and 19 days away.

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