Local grandparents mourn grandson lost in Conn.

GARNET VALLEY, Pa. - December 16, 2012

"He had one mode - full on. He didn't walk, he only ran. He didn't talk; he only yelled," said Lobis. "We only had him six years, but a minutes of Ben's time was like 10 minutes

Carmen and Antoinette Lobis of Garnet Valley, Delaware County say their grandson was inside one of the classrooms at Sandy Hook Elementary when that gunman opened fire.

Their daughter called them Friday morning with news of the shooting and they knew where they had to be.

"And so we took the longest car ride of my life," said Carmen Lobis.

Once in Newtown, Carmen Lobis says it took hours for police to reach his daughter's home to confirm their worst fears.

"I never really understood what the word surreal meant until that moment," said Lobis.

Benjamin's mother, Francine Wheeler, grew up in Washington Crossing, Bucks County before moving to New York to become a singer and actor.

She and her husband David, an illustrator for a publishing company, moved to Newtown about 5 years ago with their now 9 year old son and Benjamin.

"He adored his mother. He truly did. He would leave in the morning and he would blow her a kiss, and say 'Catch it, Mom, put it here, catch it here,'" said Lobis.

And it's the love of the community Benjamin's family has been thankful for as they remember the little boy and this Shakespearean quote: "Goodnight sweet prince, and may the angels sing thee to thy rest," read Lobis. "What more can I say?"

Benjamin's grandparents plan to head back to Sandy Hook Tuesday. Benjamin's funeral will be held on Thursday.

Carmen Lobis says the community support for his family has been tremendous, and he had a lot to share about his grandson Ben.

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