Saving with 6abc: Salesorter App finds sales at nearby stores

Dec. 20, 2012

But thanks to a new app, called SaleSorter, you can maximize the efficiency of your shopping and your saving.

Thayer Miecler, one of the app's founders, explains, "Salesorter is a free, location-based iPhone app that lets users find really big sales nearby. And the whole point is to help make it easy to find sales."

Salesorter uses the G-P-S function in your phone to figure out where you are and let you know where the closest sales are.

Miecler says, "When I think about Philadelphia, I think about the King of Prussia mall, which is huge and I know that there's over 3 million square feet of retail space. So when you walk in, it may not be immediately apparent to what's on sale. And this really helps you navigate while you're shopping."

And it's not just sales at big chain stores.

Miecler adds, "What we do that is different is that we let small businesses upload their own sale in just 30 seconds using the app. They can take a picture of their sale sign. They can upload some information and they can actually be inserted into the app."

Salesorter also lets users share information about sales.

"We let people post sales to Facebook, Miecler says. "We also have a feature called "Notify" which lets you pick a certain store and opt-in for notifications whenever that store has a sale."

Salesorter is free, but only available for iPhone. For link to download it from the App Store, click here.

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