1st day of 2013 marked with violence in Phila.

January 1, 2013 10:48:39 PM PST
The first day of the New Year in Philadelphia was marked by three murders before the sun came up.

Deadly violence erupted on Carpenter Street in West Philadelphia, on Pratt Street in Frankford, and on West Venango in North Philadelphia overnight.

All of the violence stemmed around New Year's celebrations and all of them involved guns.

"We have a gun problem in America," said Mayor Michael Nutter. "Philadelphia, unfortunately, exhibits its self the worse."

Among big cities, Philadelphia has the highest murder rate per capita.

The first homicide of 2013 came just 30 minutes into the New Year at a party with teens in the 5600 block of Carpenter Street in West Philadelphia.

An altercation over a missing or possibly stolen cell phone cost a 16-year-boy his life. He was shot once in the chest.

Two hours later, death came to Frankford.

A fight outside a bar continued around the corner to the 1600 block of Pratt. A 24-year-old man entered a house when someone shot him from outside.

Police were processing the scene in Frankford Tuesday morning where the third murder occurred around 3:40 a.m.

A man came looking for his sister at a party at the house. He begins shooting. Three men are hit, and a 23-year-old dies.

It is believed the sister had left the party and was on her way home.

The Mayor, who just rolled out a crime fighting program that includes a $20,000 rewards for information leading to the conviction in a homicide 11 months ago, says he is preparing additional measures.

"We expect early in the year to make a series of announcement about issues relating to guns and much more aggressive action by the city," said Mayor Nutter.