Drawing forces Bucks Co. school officials to take precautions

January 2, 2013 8:43:05 PM PST
What some might call graffiti, officials are concerned could be a bomb threat, and they are taking the writing on a Levittown high school bathroom wall with precaution as the winter break comes to an end.

A crude drawing was discovered in a boy's bathroom that was being used as a locker room during a wrestling tournament at Harry Truman High School in Levittown Saturday.

"That indicated there might be a possibility of a bomb set for tomorrow, 1-3-13; the crude drawing cited January 3rd, 2013," said School District Superintendent Sam Lee.

School officials did not cancel the tournament which involved students from 15 different schools, but they did call police right away.

"We alerted authorities, and we conducted a cursory investigation and a sweep at that particular time," said Lee.

An exhaustive search at the school turned up nothing that would be deemed suspicious.

Lee says the drawing did not specifically name Truman High as the target or any other school for that matter.

The school officials did not cancel classes on Wednesday, but they are taking precautions.

The school is attended by 1,600 students.

"There will be extra added security on the way into the school. It might take a couple more minutes, but it is for everybody's safety and consideration of that. We ask for your patience and consideration," said Lee.

Students' belongings may be checked as they enter the school as a precaution. They are being asked not to bring any bags or backpacks to school on Thursday, and students will not be allowed in the building before 6:45 a.m.