Turtles: Journey of Survival

January 15, 2013 3:18:26 AM PST
Go just about anywhere in the world and you can find a turtle of some sort. They live well on land but some enjoy the water.

Some massive ocean-going turtles need to breathe only about twice an hour. You'll find others which are the size of your fingernail.

Some live in fresh water only. Some enjoy a diet of leafy greens while others are accomplished at catching and eating pretty big fish.

There's a lot you could learn about turtles, and you can do it all at Adventure Aquarium this winter.

"Turtles - Journey of Survival" is the featured exhibit from now to March 24, free with your regular admission.

Director of Husbandry Mark Kind told Action News some of the creatures you'll meet are part of the aquarium's own collection.

Some are on loan just for this exhibit. Kind also told us there are reasons why you should learn the turtle's story.

These creatures are all over our world, but humans are among their greatest hazards. You hear stories every year about protecting migrating turtles from traffic down the Jersey shore. But even more basic is the fact that our waste stream generates hazards turtles might not survive.

A simple birthday party balloon that escapes into the air can find its way to the sea. An ocean-going turtle might mistake it for a jellyfish and eat it. Inside the turtle, the balloon's membrane can block the digestive system and prove fatal.

Should you see a turtle in the wild, avoid handling it unless it's at risk. In that case, try to get it as far out of harm's way as possible...perhaps moving it deep into the woods.

If you handle a turtle, wash your hands thoroughly because, like most reptiles, turtles often carry salmonella. This is why you rarely see turtle offered for sale as pets any more.

Adventure Aquarium is open every day on the Camden waterfront and ample parking is available right nearby.

For information, phone them at 856-365-3300. For more about the turtle exhibit, there's a link on their website - Adventure Aquarium.