3 Philadelphia teens win free trip to prom

January 18, 2013 2:53:29 PM PST
Three Philadelphia high school seniors will be able to go the prom for free, thanks to the hard work of a group of alumnae.

The auditorium at Philadelphia High School for Girls in Olney erupted in applause on Friday as three lucky students found out they will be able to go to the prom.

It was all thanks to an essay contest run by a newly-formed group of alumnae who wanted to give back to the school they love.

"Without them I'd probably be at home watching a movie, probably Cinderella Story, eating popcorn on prom night," said Samuella Takyi-Buachie.

The Prom Project was founded last year by Ayisha Stephens-Poole who gathered a team of fairy godmothers. They're working to raise at least $5,000 to give the full experience of prom to several deserving students who otherwise couldn't afford to go.

"They won their tickets, transportation, dress, shoes, hair nails. We plan on giving them a send-off party," said Stephens-Poole.

"The Prom Project coordinators have said this is the first of many years they're going to have this project take place for our students, so we're looking forward to them doing this next year, and the year after," said principal Dr. Parthenia Moore.

Only honors students with great attendance records could apply. All three college-bound ladies explain how much they wanted to go to prom to celebrate four years of hard work.

"I really saw this as an opportunity to help my father out so he wouldn't have to worry about paying for my prom cost," said Oumourumana Jalloh.

"We're twins, so we're both in the same grade. It would have been hard for my mother to pay for both of us," said Casandra Mondelus.

Prom is still a few months away but, now that these recipients know they can go, it's time to concentrate on what to wear!

"I don't know what I'm going to wear, but I definitely have been looking at dresses since sophomore year," said Oumourumana.

"I just want to look like I'm going to the Grammy's or something!" said Casandra.

Fo more information about the Prom Project, or to help out, email Ayisha Stephens-Poole or visit the project's Facebook page.