Mrs. Fixit: Pizza Boxes

February 3, 2013 4:22:18 AM PST
Pizza boxes can serve up a yummy treat, but they also come in handy for projects at home, I have some ideas.

If you're disassembling something where you need to keep track of the pieces to put it back together, set it in a pizza box as you work, the raised sides of the box will keep everything right where you need it.

Along those same lines keep craft projects in a pizza box as you work, it will catch spills, glue, glitter - you name it, and it will give you a spot to put tools down as you work.

A clean pizza box makes a handy lap desk for kids in the car, they can have their supplies handy and don't have to worry about crayons and markers rolling all over.

Line a pizza box with foil and you can use it to transport cookies or other treats when you don't want to forget a container somewhere. Like a picnic or school event.

If you're hard up for inexpensive artwork, wrap a pizza box in some pretty paper and hang it on the wall.

Just a few ways to recycle some old pizza boxes, I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.