Poshmark: Modern twist on clothing consignment


Sullivan says, "i'm always going to buy clothes. I love fashion. I love new things. I love what's happening that season."

Last April, she joined Poshmark , a website she says lets her shop guilt-free.

"I've bought and sold so many things, and traded, it's just been a rewarding experience," she explains.

Poshmark members create "closets," listing items they want to sell. Then they can shop the closets of other members, who wear the same size or like the same styles.

"These are women who want to de-clutter their closets," Sullivan says. "They want to make room for new stuff. They're trying to push things out really qucikly, so, usually, you get a really good deal."

Poshmark takes 20% of the purchase price, which is less than the cut taken by most consignment stores.

Once a sale's arranged, the seller prints out a shipping label and sends the item to the buyer , who pays a flat shipping rate.

Tracy's bought and even traded for shoes, accessories and clothing.

And she has a whole closet, in her closet, of items she's planning to sell, like a dress she wore to a friend's wedding.

"I wore it and I loved it, but I'm not going to wear it again," Sullivan says. "I paid about $250 for this dress. I think it's listed for $150 maybe."

To check out Poshmark, click here. And if you enter the code HBCMN, you'll get a $5 shopping credit on your first purchase. Right now, there's an iPhone/iPad app version, but it's not yet available in the Android market.

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