Device offers free WiFi connection

(Saving with 6abc - Amy Buckman)

February 18, 2013 3:24:00 AM PST
Jordan Shapiro can access the internet on his laptop or his tablet, even if he can't find WiFi.

And he doesn't have to pay a monthly fee to a service provider.

He figures he's saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year, thanks to this little device from Freedom Pop called the Freedom Spot Photon.

He paid $99 for the device and can use up to 500 megabytes of data each month, for free.

"It's not enough data to watch YouTube, very often, for us to video chat or for me to watch a movie on Netflix, but it's enough for me to do the kind of every business stuff I need to do," Shapiro explains.

People who do need more data usage can add a data plan from Freedom Pop. Two gigabytes a month cost $18, four gigs are $29.

And if you don't have a laptop, but you do have an old iPod Touch, Freedom Pop has a device for that as well.

"Basically, your iPod can slip into it and it turns your iPod Touch into a fully data-connected -- it looks like a case -- but you can have a fully data-connected iPod Touch," Shapiro explains.

Right now, the devices work in places served by Clear's network and soon, Freedom Pop will be working on Sprint's network as well.

"So far, it's worked everywhere I've needed it in Philadelphia," Shapiro says.

The devices are fairly new, so there aren't a lot of product reviews available, but you can click here to go to Freedom Pop's site and learn more.