Priceblink compares prices while you shop

(Saving with 6abc - Amy Buckman)

February 13, 2013 2:35:11 PM PST
Imagine if you had the time to comparison shop among 11,000 different online retailers to get find the best price on an item you want to buy.

Now, there's a downloadable toolbar that does that for you.

It's called Priceblink.

Karl Quist of Priceblink explains, "Priceblink is a free tool that helps you save money when you shop online. You add it to your web browser and when you're shopping, it can tell what you're looking at and it will tell you if that product is available elsewhere for cheaper."

The Priceblink toolbar works with most browsers. And it only pops up when you're shopping.

Quist adds, "That's the beauty of it, when you're not shopping, it stays hidden. It doesn't use any system resources, it doesn't take up any of your screen space."

If you're looking at an item, for example, a dishwasher that costs about $1,100 at Best Buy, the Priceblink bar appears.

You click "compare prices" and it shows you the very same dishwasher is available for under $898 at a site called Appliances Connection.

"In addition to the price comparison, it also does coupons as well," Quist adds. "So if you're at a store and there's a free shipping coupon or a percent off coupon, it'll tell you about that."

And whether you're shopping for clothes, toys, or books, you're likely to save on it by using Priceblink.

Quist says, "Typically, when we do a price comparison, we find on average, a price saving of 17%. Sometimes it's bigger, sometmes it's smaller."

To check out Priceblink, click here.