Kid turns in Dad, stepmother for growing pot

January 29, 2013 3:07:34 PM PST
In Bucks County, a father is behind bars right now and his wife is on probation after their son turned them in for growing pot.

It was several months ago when the Doylestown Township Police Department received a tip call from a local teenager about an illegal indoor marijuana garden developed by 50-year-old Francis Medvedik.

It was an operation complete with 18 marijuana plants, grow lights, fans, and other hydroponics equipment. The person who called police was Medvedik's own 15-year-old son.

Action News knocked on the family's door but nobody was home. Some of Medvedik's neighbors say it took extraordinary courage for that teenager to do what he did.

Meantime, the tipster's step-mother, Caren Shanfeld, was also arrested on charges including Endangering the Welfare of Children.

During a court hearing last week, Medvedik told the judge that his wife supported him because he was not selling the marijuana, he was using it himself for medical reasons.