Annie McCormick reports on storm damage in Ventnor

January 31, 2013 9:26:36 AM PST
Action News reporter Annie McCormick says the boardwalk in Ventnor is coated in heavy sand all the way up to Atlantic City Thursday afternoon.

The city of Ventnor sent crews to clear sand from the boardwalk after residents complained it wasn't safe.

Eddie Robbins from the City of Ventnor said, "You can only do so much.. mother nature, she likes to play with us."

The storm last night caused Rough surf, downed power lines .

Around 4:00 a.m. at the corner of Harvard and Calvert Avenues in Ventnor Heights, winds demolished a new home still under construction that was nearly completed. It's now a total loss.

One neighbor, Dom Rodi woke up to the loud noise, " I just heard this loud collapse and I never realized it would be anything like this."

In South Jersey downed wires on 206 near Retreat Road in Southampton began to spark, fearing a fire , crews shut off the power.

The same Storm left a utility pole leaning in front of The Browns Mills Fire Company in Pemberton Township. They parked a piece of equipment around it fearing it might fall.

In Voorhees, the owner of a red car got lucky after a cedar fell on Pine Street in a driveway and just missed the car.

Crews are working hard to clean up the storm damage and urge residents to tie down any items they have outdoors.