Suspects identified in Philadelphia road rage chase, crash

February 6, 2013 9:12:40 AM PST
Philadelphia Police have identified the two suspects taken into custody following a road rage chase and crash in Wynnefield that left an elderly couple hospitalized.

Andrae Salmon, 29, of the 2100 block of Medary Street in Philadelphia, and Isiah Mack, 25, of the 2600 block of North 23rd Street in Philadelphia, are facing a list of charges including aggravated assault and leaving the scene of an accident.

Police say it all began around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, when a man driving a Buick Park Avenue hit a Nissan Maxima on City Avenue near 54th Street and kept going.

The owner of the Nissan took off after the other driver, both reaching high speeds. Both vehicles ended up on Bryn Mawr Avenue, several blocks away.

Investigators say the Buick slammed head-on into an elderly couple's Honda in front of James Warren's Wynnefield home on Bryn Mawr Avenue near Nevada Street.

"It's a terrible thing. These people got hurt innocently," Warren said.

Four cars in total were impacted by the chase.

Witnesses say the suspects then jumped out of their cars and started arguing before the driver of the Maxima pulled out a knife and chased the other man on foot into a Produce Junction store.

"I actually saw the knife. When he walked into the store he had it behind him and then when he got close enough to the guy, then he pulled it from behind his back and tried to stab him," said Produce Junction employee Alegre Boone.

"The guy in the front was screaming 'Call the cops! Call the cops! There's a guy behind me with a knife.' So I threw down my flowers and ran out of Produce Junction," customer Kitty Burns-Eisenburg said.

Officers reached the scene and took both men into custody while the critically injured elderly couple waited for help.

The 86-year-old female driver and her 90-year-old husband were taken to Hahnemann Hospital in stable condition.

"We need more discipline. We need more respect. We need more love," Burns-Eisenburg said.