Looking for a winter weather getaway

Gloucester City, N.J. - February 12, 2013

Whether you want to be someplace warm or just someplace else, your neighborhood travel agent can offer you a range of destinations, prices and activities.

We took the Action Cam to Gloucester Travel & Cruise in South Jersey where the agents had all sorts of suggestions.

Most people booking this time of year want sunshine and warmer temperatures. You'll find that and more all around the Caribbean.

While many Mexican resorts are popular, they suggested Rivera Maya as an outstanding value. It has major hotels, beautiful beaches and a wide range of activities. About the only thing you won't find there is a casino, but other resorts nearby have gaming.

It's not much farther than a plane ride to Florida. Ditto the Caribbean islands.

Remember that unless you choose a U.S.-owned destination, you'll need a passport.

There are many ways to get one if yours isn't current. With confirmed reservations, you can visit the passport office at the U.S. Custom House, 2nd and Chestnut Streets in Old City Philadelphia. For an expedited fee, you could end up with a new passport in just a few days. Otherwise, the process can take up to a month.

If you want a "domestic" island Puerto Rico offers a wide range of activities, and Old San Juan abounds in history. You can also find warm fun in Florida.

Walt Disney World has a new Fantasyland drawing raves this year Disney, as you know, also owns 6abc. Disney also has cruises out of Florida, as do other providers, and cruises are rated a good value this year.

If you have the time to travel the extra distance, industry experts are also finding better-than-average prices in Hawaii this year.

Despite all the choices you might book online, a travel agent offers services generally at no cost to you which might be worth a visit.

Agencies are blitzed with daily messages from providers looking to fill seats on planes and rooms at hotels.

You can even let your neighborhood agency know your interests and they'll alert you when something that matches becomes available.

While most travelers want to go someplace warm this time of year, others are looking for a ski weekend, and agencies know about those places, too.

If you have little time but want a change of scenery, New York, Baltimore and Washington are nearby.

You might even consider an overnight stay with dinner and perhaps a show right in Philadelphia. Again, with the exception of booking certain tickets, a travel agent's expertise generally costs you nothing. They're compensated by the providers.

Agents also travel regularly, so when you express interest in just about any destination, they can tell you of places they've seen and things they've done.

Gloucester Travel & Cruise is located at 114 N. Broadway in Gloucester City, New Jersey. You can reach them by phone at 856-742-8010.

Agents are available to speak with you weekdays from 10:00am to 6:00pm and Saturdays from 10:00am to 3:00pm. They're also online at Gloucester Travel.

The agency is known for a number of specialty travel options, booking destination weddings and heritage tours.

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