Penn State campus reacts to Paterno report

February 10, 2013 8:06:37 PM PST
The Paterno family broke their silence Sunday releasing their independent investigation into the Freeh report.

More details on Paterno report

Students on the State College campus are less than thrilled to see Penn State back in the headlines once again.

"It's just going to resurface so many things," said Marcus Vonhertsenberg.

"It sort of upsets me sometimes to see people talking over and over about it," said Sebastian Holler.

Some of the findings in the family's report state that here is no evidence that Joe Paterno participated in a cover-up or that the school football culture was somehow to blame.

The Paterno family's attorney spoke to ESPN Sunday morning.

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"They didn't provide due process to the individuals that were affected. So much damage has been done," said Wick Sollers.

Sue Paterno will be talking about all of this - her husband and Penn State - for the first time Monday with Katie Couric. The exclusive interview will air on Katie at 3:00 p.m. on 6abc.

"I don't blame her for wanting to clear his name. He did so much good for the school that he shouldn't get blamed for something one man did," said Antonia Hodges.

"He did so many great things and he had to die with a miserable cloud over his head. In hindsight he'll have such a good lasting image despite everything that happened," said Vonhertsenberg.

Louis Freeh released a statement on the Paterno family report.

In part his statement reads:

I stand by our conclusion that four of the most powerful people at Penn State failed to protect against a child sexual predator harming children for over a decade.

Penn State also released a statement clarifying the purpose of the Freeh report: The goal of this investigation was to uncover facts and identify where failures occurred..and to make recommendations to help ensure that such failures never happen again.

Recommendations the university hopes to have fully in place this year.

Students still have mixed reactions.

"I just hope it doesn't continue to tarnish the name," said Vonhertsenberg.

"I feel like this may be one good way to end it and give it some closure," said Hodges.

On the court at Penn State Abington, the focus was on women's basketball but in the stands and elsewhere, it was again Joe Paterno who had people talking.

Some people were surprised that Joe-Pa's widow Sue had hired her own team of experts and put the scandal back in the spotlight.

"I just think it's about time to put it to bed. The poor family, what they've gone through, is enough. I think it's just going to drag it out for them, they need their own peace," said Ed Duffy.

How this latest report will affect Paterno's legacy is still undetermined.

Penn State supporters understand why the Paterno family wanted their story told.

"I think it's a good idea for the family to try to clear up his name. He was a long time coach, he took a hard fall, and wasn't all to blame," said Rick Barker.

"They want to clear his name because they feel as if he was falsely accused," said Kim Barker.

Others just want to know the truth.

"If there's more details out there, I want to know what they are. In my heart of hearts, looking at someone like Joe Paterno, who did great things for young men, I just have a hard time believing that there was any malice involved on his part," said John DeFranco.




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