Food to keep your breath fresh

February 14, 2013 4:40:31 PM PST
Hot dinner date this Valentine's Day? Here's what to eat to keep your breath kissable.

Beware of those gourmet Valentine's day meals. Many fancy entrees are heavy in garlic.

Registered dietitian Althea Zanecosky says if you add a salad with fresh vegetables high in vitamin C, you can help freshen your breath.

"Vitamin C kills off bacteria in our mouth, and crunchy vegetables can get rid of residue in our mouth that may help to make our breath not so sweet," says Zanecosky.

She says herbs like cloves, fennel and anise also counter breath-killing flavors like onions or garlic.

And don't just discard that parsley garnish on your dinner plate. Parsley contains chlorophyll, and is one of nature's best breath fresheners.

Zanecosky suggests capping off the meal with a latte or capuccino. Several studies show that milk contains compounds which help wipe out garlic breath.

If you want fresh breath every day, go for yogurt. Studies show that 3 ounces of sugar-free yogurt with probiotic (good) bacteria twice a day for 6 weeks can eliminate bad breath.