Courthouse reopens to employees following deadly shooting

February 13, 2013 7:29:25 PM PST
The New Castle County Court of Common Pleas in Wilmington has reopened to employees for the first time since the deadly shooting earlier this week.

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On Monday, a gunman opened fire in the lobby, killing two women and wounding two police officers before killing himself.

Just two days after the bloody rampage, there are very few signs of the nightmare that played out in the courthouse lobby.

Employees are back at work, but it is anything but business as usual.

Court employee Colleen Redmond tells Action News, "I gotta go back to work, but you know, it is different going back to work."

Some court employees were visibly shaken as they returned to the building. They had to walk through the same lobby that was the scene of the deadly rampage. Work crews spent Tuesday repairing the broken glass and cleaning up. But they couldn't erase the trauma suffered by many of the courthouse employees.

"It's too soon. They need to, you know, implement something... I'd feel better if they separated their employees from the public," said one courthouse employee.

It will clearly be some time before the courthouse employees feel secure again. They are hoping the lingering concerns they have will be addressed during two group meetings Wednesday with court administrators.

While the employees have returned to work, the business of the court has been suspended for the day, except for Court of Chancery proceedings. The court is also providing victim's assistance and counselors for the remainder of the week.

Non-employees who showed up Wednesday morning also had mixed feelings about being there.

Wilmington resident Russ Colley tells us, "I'm a little apprehensive because I never know, you know, what the safety levels in the city are following, you know, the recent rashes of shootings. And I'm just gonna trust in God that I'm here for the right purpose and I don't have anything to worry about."

"I'm pretty sure that security going to be uptight," said Wilmington resident Leon Simmons. "But as long as it's safe, then we all safe. I'm good. Like, I don't have no concerns. I'm pretty sure they're gonna keep us safe."

There are just limited operations at the courthouse Wednesday as the employees ease back into their normal routines. The court is scheduled to be fully operational again on Thursday.