Wild Beauty

February 20, 2013

With the Oscars coming up Sunday, we've rounded up some of the colorful and crazy new trends rocking the red carpet - from velvet nails to tattooed lips. Your makeup and hair care routines are about to get really rock and roll!

We brought the wild and wackiest new beauty products to Architeqt Salon in Center City where both professionals and university of Pennsylvania students put them to the test!

We start with a conditioner that contains Henna and yes, Placenta, that promises to give your hair new life.

Our subjects told us the consistency is good, it spread easily, but it seems a little greasier than other conditioners and it also seemed to have a, pungent scent.

Some described it as "a smell and then an after smell."

The directions read to leave it on for 10 minutes then wash it out.

One of our testers, Tali, says once she got past the placenta part she was happy with the product.

"It feels good, it feels soft," she said. Get more information about Henna 'N' Placenta Conditioning Treatment

Then it was time to dive in to some false lashes with flair!

Jennifer, a professional makeup artist, was impressed with the Paperself lashes!

"It looks great, really full," she said. "

And our subject, Chloe, agreed: "They're comfortable, I can't really feel them."

Then the girls went gaga for the Violent Lips collection of temporary ink. From sparkly, to sporty, to London-loving, even leopard. Get more information about Violent Lips Eye & Lip Tattoos.

You can also bring the real bling for the tooth fairy with diamond decor for your pearly whites. You just need to make sure the tooth is dry completely dry or else it won't stick. The Trebbih temporary tooth jewelry kit is a little labor intensive and takes a super steady hand and you'll need a helper to hold a LED light for 4 minutes to activate the adhesive!

Despite all the work, our tester Ani gave her rhinestone smile the thumbs up. Get more information about Trebbih Tooth Jewelry.

Then, you can take your mane to the "Rainbow Bright" max with not one, but two new kinds of psychedelic hair chalk. One is called Cra-Z-Art My Look Hair Chalks, the other is called The Anastasia Beverly Hills Hypercolor Brow & Hair Powder.

At Lacquer Lounge in Queen Village, manicures are getting texturally manic! Caviar manicures, suede manicures and sequin manicures are all on the menu for some serious sparkle and shine.

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