Fmr. Bethel officer accused in $13,000 little league theft, sources say

February 27, 2013 8:27:34 PM PST
Law enforcement sources tell Action News former Bethel police officer John Rapp is expected to turn himself in to face theft charges after allegedly stealing more than $13,000 from the Chichester Baseball League in 2010 and 2011.

Rapp was treasurer of the league and sources say he used the league credit card and bank account as his own personal kitty, spending money at Harrah's Casino, The Renaissance Festival and other establishments.

"It's hurtful to both the players and the individuals who volunteer countless hours to maintain a youth organization for the baseball players of Upper Chichester Township," Chichester Baseball League President Jim Cassidy said.

Action News went to Rapp's home where his wife said the family had no comment.

Sources tell Action News, Rapp was forced to resign from the Bethel Police Department last year when the Delaware County District Attorney's Office began to investigate him.

Chichester Baseball League parent Alice Sykes has been awaiting the charges.

"That upset me. I didn't think he should get away with it. He's taking away from our kids and nobody should have that kind of entitlement," Sykes said.

She claims the baseball league initially voted to not prosecute if Rapp paid the money back.

She says she was ridiculed by the board.

"I had comments coming at me like 'am I happy now that he lost his job?' I didn't lose his job. He did. He shamed his family. He shamed his children and he shamed Chichester," Sykes said.

Jim Cassidy, who wasn't president at the time, admits to Action News the league initially didn't want to prosecute so the league could get reimbursed.

He says Rapp paid back a little over $5,000.

But the league did notify Upper Chichester Police who quickly turned it over to the District Attorney's Office because of his standing as an officer.

After a nearly yearlong investigation, Rapp will face charges.

"We've put measures in place to make sure this doesn't happen again. We have balances and checks. We have an open book policy that the board reviews the books every single month," Cassidy said.

Rapp had two children in the baseball league.