Site offers free event tickets to members

(Saving with 6abc - Amy Buckman)

March 18, 2013 3:31:21 AM PDT
Imagine paying $40 per person for a year's worth of tickets to shows, concerts and sporting events.

It sounds too good to be true, but that's the deal that Fill-A-Seat Philadelphia is offering its members.

Karl Barth of Fill-A-Seat explains, "Fill-A-Seat is a membership organization that provides seat-fillers -- that is people -- to go to events that need audience."

Fill-A-Seat offers free tickets to events in 16 different cities, and arrived in Philadelphia last November.

Barth says, "The membership fee is $80 for a year for a two-ticket membership. You can do a four-ticket membership for $140. But the best part is that you can generally go to as many events as you'd like."

Venues give tickets to Fill-A-Seat when events don't sell out.

"One of the big reasons is that they get money from other things. They'll get, for example, concession revenue, they might get parking revenue. They might get, if it were a concert for example, they might get t-shirt revenue or things like that" Barth explains.

But the site does have some rules. For one, only members can see what events are listed. And if you sign up for tickets to a particular event, the member must show up in person, or forfeit their membership.

Barth adds, "We typically have live music concerts, we typically have some comedy, we generally have some theater. We expect that as the weather gets warmer, we'll have some sporting events as well. So it's a nice variety."

Though he can't name names, Barth did say he got free tickets to take his wife to a show at a major venue on South Broad Street on Valentine's Day. But he admits you're more likely to see tickets for the Riversharks than the Phillies.

FillASeat is offering Saving wtih 6abc viewers a 25% discount on memberships with the code 6ABC. This offer ends two weeks from today.