3rd arrest in Hatfield car test drive robbery

March 7, 2013 4:38:02 PM PST
Police say the third suspect connected with a robbery and beating in Hatfield, Montgomery County has turned himself in.

20-year-old Richard Stroud turned himself in at the Hatfield Township Police Department Thursday.

He is charged with Robbery, Simple Assault, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Harassment, Theft, and related offenses.

His bail was set at $125,000.

The two other suspects, Jeremiah White and Sarah Nodecker, had previously been arrested.

Hatfield police say on Feburary 24th, the victim, interested in buying a car, met White, Nodecker and Stroud outside a Walmart.

The four went for a test drive in the Toyota Camry, and that's when Stroud allegedly shocked the victim with the stun gun in the back seat.

"Every time I got stunned, I kept feeling like I was going to black out. But I just kept swinging - just kept fighting," said the victim, who does not want to be identified.

A full out brawl ensued in the vehicle.

"[They were saying] 'Give me your money. Give me your money!' And I took half my money in my pocket and threw it on the ground and kept fighting," the victim explained to Action News a couple days later.

The trio of bandits pushed him out of the car and sped off with $2,000.

A short time later, a friend of the victim spotted the vehicle at Orvilla and Bethlehem Pike - not far from the crime scene.

He called police who arrested White and Nodecker.

The preliminary hearings for all three suspects are scheduled for March 15th.