Sunny Saturday brings a taste of spring

March 9, 2013 8:18:11 PM PST
A hint of warm weather could only mean one thing: it's time to roll up those sleeves and enjoy it while it lasts.

People hit the streets Saturday night with light coats and feeling good after an amazingly warm winter day.

"We've been outside walking around. There's a lot Saint Patty's Day stuff going on so it's been great," said Kathleen Hinman.

It was quite a difference from Friday when snow came down in parts of the Delaware Valley.

Saturday, Kelly Drive runners, pet owners and so many more didn't waste any time getting out and about.

"I was out bright and early," said Stephanie Wilkins.

This Spring Garden car wash was in high demand with cars lined up around the block to rinse off what was left of that nasty winter weather.

"It needs it bad man. The weather is good and the car needs to be cleaned real good," said Nelson Rosa.

At the Art Museum, the steps were crowded with people like Northeast Philadelphia bride Nicole Lauro who was basking in the glow of this bright and sunny day.

"I think we brought this, yesterday was crazy. We got really scared. We had a bunch of people coming in from Boston, our groomsmen, but it all worked out and now today is a beautiful day," said Lauro.

Even at the Blue Cross River Rink, which closes for the season Sunday, there were plenty of people with short sleeves and shorts.

"I thought it was gorgeous. My wife and I came out. We enjoyed the aquarium and then we came over here for a skate so it was a lot of fun," said Will Fletcher.

So many people are ready to say goodbye to winter and spring forward into some much warmer temperatures.