2 Phila. sisters struck in 2 separate hit-and-run accidents

FISHTOWN - March 10, 2013

15-year-old Kylie Givens is fighting for her life in the Intensive Care Unit at Aria Torresdale Hospital.

The Mayfair teen was knocked off her feet by a hit-and-run driver Saturday night at the intersection of Torresdale and East Cheltenham avenues in Philadelphia's Frankford section.

"My child was almost taken from me... I could have lost her," said Kelly Pomroy, Kylie's mother.

Police say a male driver was behind the wheel of a white sedan with tinted windows. After his car struck Kylie, he reportedly stopped, looked back, and then took off.

Kylie suffered two broken ribs and a ruptured spleen, which had to be removed.

Semaj Howard was crossing the street with Kylie when she was struck. He says the vehicle that struck Kylie was possibly a Buick.

Howard explains, "I'm reaching at her to pull her back but she tugged away from me."

It is a double blow to Kylie's father, Jim. In an unbelievable twist of fate, two of his daughters were struck by hit-and-run drivers this week.

"It's amazing. Like, I just can't believe somebody can have this much bad luck," said Jim.

Kylie's sister, 10-year-old Sarah Givens, was struck on the 2400 block of Memphis Street in Fishtown around 2:15 p.m. Thursday.

Sarah tells Action News, "I was walking across the street and I saw a white truck just come zoom down the street. I got hit, flew up, and I land under a car, then blacked out."

She was rushed to Saint Christopher's Hospital where she spent the night. She is now back home wearing a full leg cast.

"I think the scariest part for me was getting hooked up to all of the IVs," she said.

Police believe the striking vehicle in this instance may have been a white GMC SUV.

A neighbor's surveillance camera shows a white GMC Denali with flashy rims and a tinted license plate speeding south on Memphis Street.

"It's not only aggravating - it's sad. You have to sit there and look at your child helpless and know that somebody did this and doesn't care," said Jim.

While Sarah is still recovering, her heart goes out to her older sister.

"I'm really upset for what happened to her because it already happened to me," said Sarah.

Sarah also says she's thankful for such a strong support system of family and friends while they work with police to find the two people responsible for these reckless acts.

"If anybody knows anything about this, let's put this to rest. Let's end this," said Jim.

Both accidents remain under investigation.

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