Credit card skimmers found at Wilmington gas station

April 5, 2013 8:11:36 PM PDT
Authorities say new technology was used to skim credit card information from two pumps at a gas station in Wilmington, Delaware.

"This is alarming, very alarming very alarming," said Bryan Matthews.

Matthews is one of several customers alarmed by the new technology used to steal credit card information at the Shell Gas Station on the 4200 block of N. Market Street.

On Friday morning, maintenance men found two bluetooth enabled skimming devices inside gas pumps 7 and 12.

Unlike other devices used over the years, which are placed over the credit card readers, these devices collect and transmit data from credit cards to thieves who can be up to 100 yards away.

"Detectives right now are looking into the surveillance footage and also they are looking at the maintenance logs to determine how they were installed," said Corporal Jermaine Crawford.

The new technology makes it easier for thieves to steal credit card information and they can do it just as quickly as customers fill up their cars.

"The scams are getting more aggressive and we have to find some way to combat with that," said Adrian Ellis.

"I mean, it's incomprehensible, I can't imagine when people have the time to go inside of the pumps and to actually go in there and install a skimmer," said Matthews.

What's also alarming is that gas station operators say there are standard keys that allow one to open gas pumps all across the country so it wouldn't be very difficult to get a hold of a key.

Police say they don't yet know how long these devices had been there. If the maintenance workers did not find them or if the thieves had removed them first, they may have never known.

"If you know that you were at that gas station this morning, we are definitely asking you to make sure you check your credit card statements," said Corp. Crawford.

Officials say that customers should check their statements regularly and if you want to avoid being scammed, try paying with cash or paying at the cashier's window.

Meanwhile anyone who believes they may have been a victim of this scam is urged to contact your credit card company and Wilmington Police.