Pa. man has owned same car for 62 years

Jay Rees' world record car

April 5, 2013 4:10:01 PM PDT
A man from Worcester Township in Montgomery County has received a Guinness World Record for owning the same car for nearly 62 years!

Guinness said it's the longest time someone has owned a car from new.

Jay Rees, 82, bought the Chevy Bel Air coupe after World War II, when there was a waiting list for automobiles.

In 1951 he bought the car for $2,163. The car has a six cylinder, 216 cubic inch engine and has 97,932 miles.

It was Jay's grandson, Will, who decided to enter it for Guinness recognition. Will came up with the idea as he and a friend were browsing through a Guinness World Record book.

"We saw that the previous world record was a '53 Chevy. My buddy, Mike, was like 'I think your grandfather beats that. You should probably submit.'"

When Jay entered the Army and was stationed near Augusta, his parents drove the Bel Air to Georgia. He was discharged from the service in 1954, and that's when he met his wife, Mary Jane.

They went on their first date in that car. After they were married, Mary Jane drove the Bel Air.

"It was her car because I had the pickup truck," Jay said.

Jay recalled how he brought his children home from the hospital in that car.

He and Mary Jane still take the car out for an occasional drive.