2 arrested for copper theft in West Mount Airy

Willie Reed and Ralph Jarvis

April 11, 2013 2:48:33 PM PDT
Two men have been arrested for allegedly stealing copper piping from an apartment building in West Mount Airy.

Willie Reed and Ralph Jarvis were arrested earlier this week for the burglary on March 17th.

According to police, Reed and Jarvis were caught on surveillance video forcing open the front door to an apartment building at 126 West Allens Lane.

Police say the pair initially left, only to return with bolt cutters.

Once inside, police say the men took sections of copper pipe from the building, valued at $70.

A week later, surveillance video of the burglary was released and, police say, a 14th District Officer watched the video and recognized the men.

Both Reed and Jarvis were arrested without incident.