Good Samaritan in Overbrook shooting speaks out

Antoine Gardner and Bernard Scott

April 15, 2013 10:23:39 AM PDT
The man who rushed to the aid of a teenager who was shot last week near Overbrook High School is telling his story.

Antoine Gardner was there on Thursday afternoon after a fight erupted into gunfire.

Bernard Scott, 17, was shot in the stomach. Gardner said he can't get the teen's final moments out of his head.

"That bothers me, knowing I was the last person to see him alive. I was talking to him, telling him it was going to be okay," Gardner said.

The good Samaritan saw the teen slumped over in the parking lot. Several baseball players practicing in Tustin Playground across the street from the school helped Gardner get Scott into his car.

Gardner rushed to Lankenau Hospital, but nothing could be done to save the teenager. Friends say Scott, a student at Overbrook High School, was an innocent bystander.

Since his death, the teen's family has embraced Gardner, who had been a total stranger. Still, Gardner is shaken up.

"I apologized, said 'I'm sorry, I could've drove faster,'" Gardner said. "They said 'It's not your fault.'"

While trying to cope, Gardner is now working with community leaders and focusing on safety for local kids.

Councilman Curtis Jones praised Gardner at a meeting on Monday morning held in reaction to the shooting.

Jones said he is not only asking the community to step up, but for the School Reform Commission to come up with short term and long term plans for school safety.

"The good Samaritan aspect needs to be replicated in us all," Jones said.

Another teen was also shot and wounded in the incident Thursday. Two men, one of whom was also shot, are in police custody.

Meanwhile, another gun was found near the scene over the weekend by a cleanup crew.

A memorial for Scott is planned for 8:00 p.m. Monday at Tustin Playground.