Area marathon runners relieved bombing suspect captured

HUNTINGTON VALLEY, Pa. - April 20, 2013

"I'm definitely glad he's alive, you can't be held accountable when you're dead," said A.J. Jewitt.

Jewitt saw the second explosion with his own eyes as he cheered on his mother Peggy at the Boston Marathon.

Friday night he heard the words that America has been waiting for.

"Suspect in custody, suspect in custody! That gave me chills when they got him," said Jewitt.

The capture of 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the second bombing suspect, sent relief through the homes of several local families.

"I felt relieved, relieved they caught the remaining terrorist and there wasn't more damage done," said Randy Clever.

Clever was just feet from the finish line when the bomb when off. His grandchildren took off school to watch him from the sidelines.

Huntington Valley's Carol Wilson says her family needed the closure.

"That sense of relief, that crazy week had a sense of being put to rest," said Wilson.

Her children and her husband travelled to watch her compete that day. She made it across the finish line before the chaos.

Because of the arrest, Wilson feels comfortable wearing the jacket she worked so hard to get.

Many of the local runners, impacted by the bombings, have already hit the road again running in memory of those killed. Others are preparing for the next big race.

"Because of what happened I'm kind of determined to re-qualify and do it again next year," said Clever.

"Its important and needed and I think a lot of people who were there this time will want to be there next year and I'll want to be one of them," said Wilson.

With the suspect in custody, many unanswered questions still remain but for the victims and those impacted, it's one step closer to closure.

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