10 alleged heroin dealers arrested in Chester County (PHOTOS)

Pictured: Some of the heroin seized in a Chester County drug investigation.

April 22, 2013 2:12:37 PM PDT
A total of 10 suspected heroin dealers have been arrested following a year-long drug investigation in Chester County.


District Attorney Tom Hogan announced the charges on Monday for alleged drug dealing in Phoenixville, East Pikeland, West Goshen, New Garden, Avondale, and other locations.

One suspect, Joseph McIntosh, 31, of Philadelphia, was arrested following the death of a 22-year-old woman, who was found dead by her parents. Investigators say the woman had a history of heroin addiction and heroin paraphernalia was found around her body.

Police say they used a friend of the dead woman, who was in prison, to contact McIntosh to arrange a buy. When McIntosh arrived, police arrested him.

Another suspect, 34-year-old Jeffrey Gavin, was arrested based on a tip that he was allegedly selling heroin bundles out of his home on Ruth Avenue in East Pikeland. Police say they obtained a warrant and searched his home, finding nearly 300 bags of heroin and drug paraphernalia.

Heroin dealers often label their drugs with a distinctive name in order to develop brand loyalty, Hogan said, and Gavin's heroin was labeled "Trick or Treat."

The rest of the suspects were arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police, who had been running an investigation since March, 2012. During the time, state police say they regularly bough dozens of bags of heroin from the dealers as part of an undercover investigation.

In a statement, Hogan said "Every parent across Chester County needs to be vigilant to the dangers of heroin.? Heroin addiction can lead to death or a lifetime of misery.? Protect your kids from this poison."

Also, quoting statistics from the Chester County Coroner's Office, Hogan said there were 34 deaths in 2012 in Chester County where the deceased had heroin in his or her system.? Nine of those deaths occurred in November and December.

Those charged are:

John Anderson, 24, of Nottingham, Pa.

Jeffrey Gavin, 34, of Phoenixville, Pa.

Alejandro Guzman, 26, of Wilmington, Del.

Jose Guzman, 21, of Wilmington, Del.

William Jones, 26, of West Grove, Pa.

Kyle Kellner, 22, of London Grove, Pa.

Joseph McIntosh, 31, of Philadelphia

Kristopher Peirson, 22, of West Grove, Pa.

Westley Reed, 27, of Landenberg, Pa.

Andre Rivera, 27, of Avondale, Pa.