Behind-the-Scenes at Wheel of Fortune

May 8, 2013 9:13:22 PM PDT
Wheel of Fortune is celebrating a TV milestone: 30 years in syndication!

Recently, producers took the show on the road to New York City, and Alicia Vitarelli was there for all of the behind-the-scenes action. Plus, a Cherry Hill fan got a spot at the wheel; a once in a lifetime chance to compete in his favorite TV game show!

"I've always liked puzzles, specifically word puzzles, crossword puzzles," Brad Emdur told Action News. That's why the 23-year-old says he's been a die-hard, longtime fan. "It just kind of comes naturally that I would like 'Wheel of Fortune.'"

So naturally, when the Wheel Mobile made a stop in Atlantic City, Brad and his best friend Justin checked it out, taking a spin at winning a spot on their favorite show.

"There was a written test, there were interviews, there was game play, there was a lot to go through," Emdur says.

But they made it! Together, they headed to New York to tape an episode that will air during the upcoming "Best Friends Week."

Brad says as soon as they saw America's favorite wheel, they got to work!

"They took us right down into the studio and onto the set to practice spinning the wheel," he said.

He showed off his name tag and the tickets their family members used to cheer them on from the crowd. He describes his first real TV experience as "surreal."

"During all the breaks, they fix your mic, they touch up your makeup, they give you water, they encourage you."

Brad's episode airs a week from today, next Wednesday, May 15th, and he can't say a word about whether or not he won.