Percy Street Barbecue

May 14, 2013 4:00:39 AM PDT
Any city's restaurant scene can be described as "ever-evolving". Some places open and quickly close. Many make it for a few years. Not many endure as favorites.

South Street's Percy Street Barbecue hasn't been around long enough to make the latter category yet, but while some well-known barbecue places are calling it quits, executive chef Erin O'Shea is tweaking her menu to stay current and keep the regulars coming back for more.

The Virginia-born chef loves grits, and recently added them to the menu, done her way, of course. So your grits experience will include just the right cheese and a sausage she brings in from her home state.

There's also a poached shrimp dish with pickled vegetables, popular with Philly diners these days.

These new dishes are neither smoked nor served with barbecue sauce. Instead, you'll find that they pair well with the barbecue favorites and keep your palate fresh. But the chef is keeping her wood-fired smokers busy just the same.

There is a lamb rib appetizer which is fully smoked and available with sauce. Entree selections from the smoker include ribs, chicken now sourced from Pennsylvania Amish farms, and a premium beef brisket.

These are available plated or in sandwiches. There's also a pork belly sandwich, salad featuring barbecued chicken, and a burger.

Percy Street Barbecue is at 900 South Street, open nightly for dinner and weekend for lunch as well. You can see their menu with all the latest additions at Percy Street Barbecue, where you may also make a reservation. The phone number there is 215-625-8510.