Suspect in custody after dog raid in Philadelphia

May 11, 2013 4:37:23 PM PDT
Officials have busted up an alleged dog fighting ring in the Lawndale section of Philadelphia.

The Pennsylvania SPCA removed several dogs trained for fighting from a home in Lawndale, Northeast Philadelphia home Saturday afternoon.

The homeowner was taken into custody. The SPCA says they know the man because they have come to the home before to take away mistreated animals.

Officials say they had enough probable cause for a warrant to take down his suspected dog fighting operation.

"Dog fighting? I just have pets, dogs; there is no dog fighting."

Investigators say they believe the man is responsible for using harnesses, leashes and more to breed and get his dogs up to fighting strength, and he has been on their radar for years after complaints from neighbors here on the 300 block of Van Kirk Street.

"Every neighbor from 100 feet and 360 degree would be yelling out of their windows to shut up and all kinds of things," said Ralph Pratt.

The SPCA says officers got a warrant and moved in finding 5 dogs and much of the suspected dog fighting operation in the basement.

They pulled out all types of equipment and discovered unsanitary conditions inside and outside the home where the animals were chained.

"These dogs can't speak for themselves. These individuals put these animals in the ring. It is a gruesome sport; they fight to the death a lot of times, and it is a horrible existence," said George Bengal, PSPCA.

When officers raided the home, the suspect wasn't there. But an Action News camera was actually rolling when the man came home, and police calmly took him into custody.

"Again this is a blood sport, and these individuals who do this, I have no time for," said Bengal.

The SPCA has not released the suspect's name, but Action News has learned that the home belongs to 36-year-old Antoine Talley.

Investigators say the suspect has been cited in the past when officers removed other mistreated animals, but now he is facing felony charges for the alleged operation.