Mother's campaign against dating violence

PHILADELPHIA - May 28, 2013

It was a story that made national headlines. A star lacrosse player at the University of Virginia was killed in a fit of jealousy by her ex-boyfriend in 2010.

Action News sat down with the young woman's mother, who says she never imagined losing her daughter this way.

And she is doing all she can to prevent it from happening to other families.

Sharon Love tells me her daughter Yeardley was funny, smart and kind.

"She lit up a room not just for me but for everyone," Sharon recalls.

She was also very athletic. She played lacrosse at the University of Virginia, a real dram-come-true, says Sharon.

But two weeks before graduation, Yeardley was beaten and killed by her ex-boyfriend George Huguely.

He is now serving a 26 year sentence.

Yeardley's mother and sister started the One Love Foundation to raise awareness about relationship violence.

One in three women will experience it in some form during her lifetime. 70-percent of victims are under the age of 25.

"We decided we'd do anything to stop this from happening to someone else and another family going through what we went through," says Sharon.

The foundation has launched a public service announcement and it's created a danger assessment app. It's free and anonymous.

The goal is to help victims, friends and family assess possible danger, and get help

Sharon wishes she knew then what she knows now.

Maybe her daughter could have been saved.

She hopes this simple app will save others.

"It's so much harder to get out once you are entrenched in the situation but if you know the signs maybe you will never get in," she says.

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