Philadelphia celebrates history, symbolism of Memorial Day

May 26, 2013 3:05:38 PM PDT
Some people flocked to the shore, but others came to Philadelphia to take in the historical and symbolic side of Memorial Day.

The flag, as always, is a symbol of patriotism this Memorial Day weekend, led by our own Betsy Ross, the woman credited with knitting America's first stars and stripes.

"Of course it represents my own struggles, the struggles of my first husband who did die and he fought for the revolutionary cause," she said.

A crowd of adults and children gathered at the Betsy Ross House in Old City to honor, listen and learn.

"We just really want to start teaching them early about the history especially being from Philadelphia," said Barbara Rafferty.

"We think about the people who fought for us and who died," said Aaron Henslovitz.

Henslovitz, of North Jersey, came to Philadelphia with his grandparents for a hands-on history lesson.

It was much to the delight of his great grandfather who is a WWII veteran.

"I think he takes great pride in the fact that we like doing these things on holiday weekends rather than spend time at the shore," said Alan Henslovitz.

At the National Constitution Center, America's colors were well-represented.

"We should teach our kids what it means to be out and be free to walk around and do things like this," said Laura Braxton.

Veterans, including Braxton's two brothers, are on the minds of many this Memorial Day weekend.

"We wouldn't have been here without them, we would've been overruled by England," said Maggie McElroy.

"It's nice to be able to remember what people did for us and how we can live today," said Connor Hogan.

American Flag ceremonies and programs will be happening through Memorial Day at the National Constitution Center. The center says all of its events are focused on bringing people together.