Former cop Anthony Galla was ready for war, Chitwood says

UPPER DARBY, Pa. - May 29, 2013

Upper Darby Superintendent Michael Chitwood says Anthony Galla was ready for war.

When officers busted down the door to room 207 at Summit Inn Hotel Tuesday night, they found Galla crouched down with a gun pointed at police.

"This was his last stand and fortunately police won," Chitwood said.

Police displayed Galla's arsenal of guns and ammunition which showed what could have been a deadly plan. The plan, though, was thwarted by quick thinking U.S. Marshals who were tracking Anthony James Galla.

"He was armed with an AR15, a .40 Glock handgun, and possessed three additional handguns. He was also a former law enforcement officer with military experience," Chitwood said.

Galla was wanted for attempted murder in Northumberland County, after he allegedly tried to kill his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, and shot him seven times.

Last night, Galla's brother saw officers setting up surveillance and was intercepted while running to the hotel room where Galla was held up inside.

"As they kicked the door in, Galla is pointing a fully loaded .40 caliber Glock at him," Chitwood said.

52 shots were fired by the four officers who came face to face with Galla's gun.

"You are in a close quarter combat, 5 to 10 feet away. he is positioned behind a bed, he could have had other weapons. I certainly applaud what they did," Chitwood said.

Upper Darby police confiscated the arsenal of weapons from Galla's room and car, including 500 rounds of ammunition, a tear gas grenade, an AR15 assault rifle, bullet proof vest, knives, and the gun police say Galla was holding when he was killed.

The Upper Darby police are now investigating the shooting.

Chitwood says he believes officers avoided what could have been a deadly standoff.

"This would have been a long drawn out affair and unfortunately some police officers or some civilians would have been killed," Chitwood said.

Galla's brother who is cooperating with police told them he tried to get Anthony to turn himself in, but that Galla said he would rather die than spend time behind bars.

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