Mrs. Fixit: Fabric Covered Storage Boxes

June 1, 2013 4:59:01 AM PDT
If you need extra storage and you're looking for a decorative solution that's inexpensive, try fabric covered storage boxes. You can mix and match coordinating fabrics or use the same fabric?you can use same size or different size boxes?now all you need is fabric.

If you don't have any?wallpaper remnants or even wrapping paper will work for a decorative look! You'll also need spray glue, white glue, a small paint brush, scissors, a ruler and a pencil. First?measure the bottom and sides of the box you're using?then add 1 inch to each side?cut the fabric to the size you need.

Spray the bottom of the box with spray glue...and then set the box on top of the fabric to adhere. Place a ruler along one long side so it extends beyond the edge and draw a line along the inside edge of the ruler.

Now cut along that line?you should have a flap that will be the exact width of the box. Spray some glue on your box... and now bring one long side of the fabric up and wrap the excess around the short side of the box gluing as you go.

Cut a straight line from the edge of the fabric and into the corner. Tuck and adhere it to the inside of the box. Repeat this process on the other sides?bringing the end flaps up and over into the box. Now repeat the steps for the box cover.

Now you can dress it up with ribbon, fringe, name plates, ?or just leave it the way it is? I'm Mrs. FIXIT and it's just that simple!