Man missing in Center City collapse confirmed dead

DARBY BOROUGH, Pa. - June 5, 2013

The news capped an emotional day in Delaware County, where three families impacted by this tragedy were trying to cope.

Chief among them was the family of a man who had reported him missing and unaccounted for.

68-year-old Borbor Davis worked for the Salvation Army. Earlier Wednesday, we reported that his family was concerned he may have been trapped in the basement where he was working.

Wednesday night, we were talking with Davis's wife moments before she got the call that her husband's body was among those recovered.

Moments later, Maggy Davis would get that awful call that she was hoping against hope she would not get.

Earlier Wednesday she spoke lovingly of her husband, to whom she had been married for eight years.

"He is very quiet and kind. He goes to work every day, he never misses a day," she said.

Davis said her husband immigrated from Liberia and worked for the Salvation Army for the last eight years.

She last spoke to him moments before the building collapsed.

"We talked about ourselves," she said.

Meanwhile, Nashae Johnson had seen Borbor Davis as she was donating clothes. In a remarkable twist of fate, she left the building only moments before it collapsed. She said.

Unknown to her at the time was the fact that another cousin, 52-year-old Nadine White, was also in the building working when it collapsed. It turns out Nadine was one of the survivors who made it out alive with minor injuries.

"I was shaken. I was crying. I was on the bus saying, 'Oh my God, I just left from out of there!' And there was an older woman trying to calm me down. The first thing that came into my head was, 'Oh my God I just left from there!' And the second thing I thought was about the people I had just seen that were in there and how that could have been me," said Johnson.

Nadine White is now at home resting under sedation as a result of her injuries. Her family says she is thanking God she is alive. "It was scary. And I just hope she recovers from any pain that she's going through. I wish her family the best of luck," said Johnson.

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