After 3 years, Philadelphia man cleared of attempted murder charges

PHILADELPHIA - June 10, 2013

He was charged with four counts of attempted murder back then. Monday is his first night since then as a cleared man, after charges were dropped.

Action News was at the Criminal Justice Center in Center City Philadelphia as Durbin walked out a free man.

"I'm innocent," he said.

"You know, it destroyed our lives," said Durbin's mother, Lanetta Durbin. "But thank God he's a free man today."

Durbin was facing 4 attempted murder charges for a shooting on April 17, 2010. That's when two women were hurt outside a restaurant at 20th and Snyder in South Philadelphia.

One woman was holding an infant. A 2-year-old was nearby in a carriage.

Durbin had no prior criminal record, and he claimed all along he wasn't there. He says he was playing video games at a friend's house.

Durbin has spent the last 3 years fighting the charges. Recently evidence was reviewed and his alibi was confirmed.

The charges against him were finally dropped on Monday.

"I think they knew they had the wrong person from the beginning," said Lanetta Durbin.

"It's embarrassing to my family and for me, because I wasn't raised that way," said Shareef. "So for people to look at me and judge me based on that, it's just not fair."

Durbin spent 6 months behind bars and the last 2-and-half years under house arrest.

"I just thank God," said Lanetta. "Thank God, thank God that's it's over."

And what's next for him?

"Look for employment, try to take care of my family," said Shareef. "That's all I want to do."

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