Trenton Central High School is 'disgusting', students say

TRENTON - June 12, 2013

During a walkout Tuesday morning they complained about the deteriorating conditions inside the school that Action News first reported on over two years ago.

They say since then things have only gotten worse.

"The environment is disgusting, people get sick because of the mold; the school lunches are dirty. There's no way for students coming here wanting to learn because of our environment," student Liz Marie Lopez said.

"When we eat lunch, I see rats, roaches running around while we eat. I think it's disgusting. The bathrooms are nasty," student Wayne Lester said.

"When it rains some of our staircases leak and it's just puddles all over the floor when it's raining and it's just a mess in this school," student Ashley Yanes said.

Students and other are urging the state's Schools Development Authority to speed up the release of over $13-million it committed to spend on urgent repairs to the crumbling school.

"Shouldn't look like this and they deserve better, because they come here to get an education," Eric Rowell, 1993 TCHS graduate, said.

"I have been to other high schools, Ewing High school, other high schools and they look nice. This building looks like it's from the early 1900s," parent Holly Green said.

In fact, it was built in 1932. Four years ago, the Authority was ready to build an entirely new school, but that was scrapped when some objected to bulldozing the landmark building.

So the high school continues to deteriorate, plagued by plumbing and heating problems, warped floors, leaky roofs and more.

"Other schools are beautiful - and this school - it just makes us feel like why even come?" student Terrijae Anderson said.

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