Saving with 6abc: Extra vacation charges

June 12, 2013

Just when we got used to all of those additional airline fees, it seems hotels are following suit. Keep an eye out for new kinds of charges being added to your bill.

First, watch those check-in and check-out times. Arriving early or staying later can cost anywhere from $50 to a fee equal to an entire night's stay.

If you hit the mini-bar at some hotels, you may be paying twice for what you ate or drank, plus a restocking fee. So keep an eye open.

Some hotels are now charging you to hold your bags at the bellhop stand.

Some hotels are charging between $5 and $40 perday to use the fitness facilities

Finally, watch out for the tipping fees! Some properties are tacking on gratuities to cover everything from the bellman to housekeeping.

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