Neighborhood entrepreneurs cash in on the U.S. Open

ARDMORE, Pa. - June 14, 2013

So what do you notice as you approach the area around the Merion Golf Club?

Signs that welcome golf fans, the golf fans themselves, road closures, shuttle buses and lots of police.

You also notice it seems like anyone who can is offering to let you park your car on their front lawn if need be. Depending on location, the tab runs anywhere from $30 to $60.

To stand out in the crowd, Libby Boyle of Ardmore dances a bit. She says it's for a good cause: her college fund.

"My dad had this great idea, and I need money for college," she said.

Not everyone coming here to watch the golfers are inside the club. We found people sneaking a peak along Darby Road.

Far more comfortable were some other folks, invited to Patrick and Ann Murphy's home.

"These are all friends and family, a lot of Bonner guys, a lot of local guys, a lot of St. Dennis parshioners," said Patrick.

The Murphys' back yard literally abuts the storied Merion Golf Club, and so every player passes within a few feet of a reviewing stand in the Murphy's yard.

"Right on the 10th tee. The 9th green is right there, got a great view of that. And you watch the drives on the 10th. You can't beat it," said Pat White of Havertown.

"This is a million-dollar view. The hardest part for me is keeping quiet, because we're right behind these guys. We're so close, it's tough. We need discipline," said Mike Shallow of Havertown.

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